Vocational Training Teams (VTT) in Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

Vocational training teams (VTTs) are groups of health care professionals that act collectively to lead overseas training programs. In the field of Maternal and Child Health, the focus of these teams is on capacity building in the reduction of avoidable maternal and new-born deaths. By offering specialized training courses, VTTs aim to increase professional knowledge and skills, raise community awareness and encourage life-saving behavioural changes. The Training of Trainers (ToT) model is used to increase the scale of impact by creating a group of master trainers who train other health professionals. This approach is commonly accepted as a best practice for moving innovations to large scale implementation swiftly. Follow-up mentoring, training materials and simulation devices are provided to ensure sustainability after project completion.

VTT Project in Sikkim and Bhuj, India

Starting in 2013, RFPD and CALMED have assisted in the organization of 6 VTTs (ToT) in Sikkim and Bhuj, India. Visits were organized for an initial needs’ assessment and subsequent trainings by a group of 15 senior doctors from the UK and India. Training sessions focused on Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (WHO guidelines), family planning, data processing and community awareness. A total of over 240 local doctors (including 39 master trainers) and 300 heath activists received training. In the three years following the first pilot project in Sikkim (2013-2016), the rate of maternal mortality was reduced by half in the project area.  A further VTT programme is planned for 2019-22 in Meghalaya, India (District 3240)

RFPD can assist you with your VTT project by…

· providing assistance in matching host and international districts funds

· assisting VTT visits with senior doctors, or by providing training materials and other resources

· assisting in post-project support for master trainers

What can you do?

If you are passionate about reducing the huge toll of avoidable maternal and child deaths in low resource settings, now is your opportunity! The best ways to help are by organizing or joining a Vocational Training Team to empower medical professionals and communities, or by inviting healthcare professional friends and acquaintances to do the same.

Inquiries regarding training resources and assistance with VTT projects can be directed to RFPD Medical Director, Dr. Himansu Basu (drhbasumd@gmail.com).


Photo Credit: RFPD


Key Data

Project Area: Sikkim & Bhuj, India – population 3.2 million

Objectives: 1) Capacity building of health workers, 2) Community empowerment

Time frame: 2013 -2017

Budget: $100,000

Host partners: District 3054, District 3240

International partner: District 1120

Further partner: Collaborative Action in Lowering of Maternity Encountered Deaths - CALMED

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Contribution: 3.1, 3.2, 4.4, 5.6, 17.9


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