Footprint Project  - Sewing Machines 

Footprint projects are projects that leave various sizes of footprints as far as its impact on the world.  Each project can hava a large footprint or a small footprint, light or heavy, or it can indicate a specific issue such as a light carbon footprint or small water footprint. This particular project is set to have a heavy footprint.  By giving a sewing machine to an indigent woman because it would mean she would be self-sufficient, her family would have income, her children could attend school, and therefore be this one act could change generations to come for the better. 

It is our goal to make this project a Global Grant, involving individual donors, with matching money from a club and/or district, and perhaps matching funds from the Rotary Foundation.

If you are looking for a place to "jump in" to projects but are afraid of a large committment, this is the perfect platform to get involved. 

Key Data

Club/District Partner(s): Open to all clubs and districts to participate
Budget: $35,000.00

Board of
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