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Humanity has reached a crisis point with respect to the interlocking issues of overpopulation, unsustainable development and human suffering.

This information is for Rotarians and friends who share the common belief that this challenge to humanity can no longer be ignored, and that Rotarians can do something about it.

With Rotary International's rich, religious, ethnic, and cultural background and with membership in over 160 countries, many believe that Rotary is the ideal organization to face this challenge.

In January 1998, with the passage of Resolution 98-231 by the Council on Legislation New Delhi, India, Rotary, as an organization, finally agreed to address the population issue. The "Population" resolution from Rotary's legislative body expressed overwhelming approval by 525 Rotary Districts around the world. The Resolution stated that it was time for Rotary to face the complex issues of population growth and unsustainable development.

August 27, 1999 - The Board of Directors of Rotary International published the Statement on Population Growth and Development directing Rotary International to include Population & Development as an appropriate area for Rotary humanitarian service. A key phrase reads: "Sustainable development, preservation of the environment, and the quality of life for all people, especially the new generations, is impacted by population growth." The Board statement continues: "Rotary International encourages Rotary clubs and districts, working as appropriate with government agencies, non governmental organizations and local leadership to increase awareness and undertake even more projects that directly impact population growth and sustainable development."

In November 2005, the Rotary International Board renewed for the third time the three year Memorandum of Cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to work together on population based projects. For full text click above.

The World Bank Says: 2.8 billion people live in poverty on less than US $2 per day 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition More than 1 1/2 billion people do not have adequate safe water and proper sanitation.

Rotary is now addressing these and other tragedies related to overpopulation and unsustainable development. In the last several years, over 100 Matching Grants and larger 3-H projects have been completed that address this challenge.

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