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Peter Neuner
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Dr. Neuner was born in Linz, Austria. He studied medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna.  He obtained his qualification as Doctor of Medicine in 1982. He did his clinical eduction at the State Hospital in Rohrbach from 1982-1983, followed by Medical eduction to become Medical Consultant for Gynecology and Obstetrics in the Hospital of the Religious Order of the Sisters of Mercy and the Hospital of St. John of God in Linz with special focus in oncology, endometriosis and gynecological urology. Dr. Neuner has written many academic papers and publications including but not limited to "Reducing Maternal Mortality" and "Obstetric Fistula Treatment and Prevention Project". Dr. Neuner is an active Rotarian and has accepted multiple Paul Harris Fellow awards.  

Neuner, Peter, Board member
Board Member
Ahornstrabe 3
Freistadt Austria
Tel. 011-0043-7942-77210
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