2018 Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development Chairman's Report to the Membership

 (This report was presented to the membership at the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  This report was written and presented by Melissa Willis, Executive Director on behalf of our Chair Ingar Brueggemann)\ 

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In this, the last chair report of the term of Ingar Brueggemann, it is with great honor that I speak to you on her behalf.  I am pleased to report that the Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development has performed strongly against both its project base and operational targets. 

Each year bring its own set of challenges, but I know I speak for the Board when I express my confidence in the organizations ability to develop further and continue its success.

2017/2018 did not provide the economic recovery for which we had hoped.  There were some significant differences in our membership growth and financial gains that we had hoped that we would achieve within this calendar year.  With the political upheaval and the economic adjustment due to the political temperature around the world, charitable giving has slightly declined in many of the countries where our membership is strongest.

While being alert to short term development in our financial situation, RFPD takes a long-term view on how it can assist its membership, along with Rotarians around the world that pour their passions, integrity, and intelligence into completing projects

 that have a lasting impact world wide.  This enables RFPD to foster understanding across both cultures and continents, and therefore being recognized throughout the world of Rotary as one of the strongest Action Groups or Fellowships throughout Rotary’s 111 year history.

Over the last year the board of directors and our membership have worked together to sharpen our strategy and ensure there is alignment in our aspirations and goals. Our strategy focusses on three key strands of activity, projects, membership, and financial sustainability. The board has endorsed specific targets in each category, as well as overall original growth goals.

The result is that, over the last year, we have begun the task of reviewing and amending our governance structure—building on existing strong foundations. We have begun working diligently to add strategic country sections throughout the globe.  In addition 2018/2019 will usher in a new financial team that will oversea RFPD’s financial reporting process, and will ensure transparency in the review and determination of the overall financial wellbeing of RFPD. RFPD is working not only to meet, but to exceed the expected capital requirements of the organization.

Being able to report on the continued success and positive developments with RFPD, both financially 

and operationally gives all of us a great sense of pride. The group now has a sustained focus on financial strength, a dedication second to none for our members and to Rotarians across the world. There can be no doubt that, by focusing on the four-way test, there is a genuine alignment of interests across the board and its membership which forms a strong foundation for the organization.  In closing, on behalf of Ingar, our illustrious Chair, I wish to thank both the board and the membership for their dedication and commitment in making RFPD what it is today!

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