Have Passion?  Establish a Country Section

Countires.pngIt seems more and more people are calling RFPD and asking how they can get more involved in their own clubs and districts.  If you share our passion for people and believe we can literally change the world one project at a time, this is for you!  You can be the change agent in your own country.  All around the world countries are setting up their own RFPD Country Sections, and you can be our next Country Chair. What does it take to set up a country section you ask?  Below you will find ten easy steps to setting up your own section.  

1. Have a passion for population issues and maternal and child health.
2. Start in your club and reach out to other clubs in your area and finally to your district. It is always good to have a strong team.
3. Set up a bank account for members in your country section to pay dues and donate funds. Be prepared to render periodic financial reports.
4. Spread the word! The message to other Rotarians should be: We (RFPD) are a resource for the Rotary International area-of-focus “Maternal and Child Health”. Not all clubs want to or are able to set up their own project, but every club can motivate their members to become lifetime members of RFPD!
5. With increasing membership and knowledge about the area of focus, the country section will be able to advise and support clubs/districts in improving maternal and child health.
6. Encourage membership to show their commitment by sharing information regarding our lighthouse project in Nigeria and its scaling up. This information will allow others to see what can happen if we as Rotarians join together for a common goal. They will be able to see what a true flagship project can look like.
7. In addition, educate clubs/districts that RFPD can also offer single interventions to clubs.
8. Review the attached “Agreement to Terms of Financial Support”. Sign the document and forward it to our Headquarter office.
9. Abide by the attached Constitution of RFPD



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