Family Planning Campaign Promoted by all German Clubs and Districts

German Rotary.jpgMore than ever It is asked for help about self-determined family planning on all sides in Nigeria. Traditional and religious leaders as well as government departments request people only to have children when they can feed, dress and parent them. The most populated African country with recent 180 million people grows up to over 300 million people until 2050 which fosters thinking in a wide range of the Nigerian population. Thereby, the access to modern family planning services is highly improbable in all of Nigeria. RFPD could prove in eight of 37 states that family planning is necessary and that sustainable successes can be reached with targeted interventions. Hence, for the new Rotarian year 2018/2019, RFPD plans a big project for all 37 Nigerian states with the participation of all German districts and clubs. The project obtained approval at the spring meeting of TRF Chairs in their Districts and their deputies. It was also decided over there, that the project will be presented at the RI Convention 2019 in Hamburg.

The goal of the project is a campaign offering more professional family planning services in all federal states. Therefore, doctors and midwives are educated in the consultation of modern family planning methods in all 37 Nigerian states. The government provides contraceptives for free,  but the logistics needs improvement. Five possible contraception methods, as prescribed for professional family planning services, are not often on offer. To fulfill the unmet need in the future, a digital tool will be developed with which data can be collected and analyzed. So, a tailored supply chain could help avoids a supply bottleneck. In the last year the project was registered at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development about RDG. The Federal Ministry promised us co-financing. The project also serves the fight against causes of flight promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development as well.

We ask all clubs for donors of at least 500 Euros for this important Global Grant. We offer information and a presentation about this project to all clubs.

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