The Best Part of Being a Rotarian

There are many wonderful aspects of being a Rotarian! Some of these include meeting new friends, business development, and sometimes even travel abroad. Perhaps there is no greater benefit, than the priviledge of helping and serving others. Never is this more meaningful than when we are able to help a fellow RFPD member in a time of need.

On April 25, 2015, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake devastated the country of Nepal, killing more than 8,000 people and injuring more than 21,000. This was reportedly the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934.  In an instant, hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless, and centuries old buildings were destroyed.  A disaster of this magnitude would be crippling to any country, but a disasterous event in very poor and politically paralyzed nation like Nepal can often set it back years and sometimes even decades.  Human trafficking, labor costs, property costs, and damage to both infrastructure and the healthcare system are only the beginning of problems that arise. 

Meet proud Rotarian,longtime RFPD member, and educator Lachhe Bahadur.  The following is an appeal that we received from Lachhe regarding the current condition of the school that Lachhe has dedicated a large part of his life to.   

 Proposal for Rebuilding Suryodaya Education Foundation’s SAB Public School

On April 25th, 2015 a devastating 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal. Then on May 10th, 2015 a 7.2 earthquake again devastated Nepal. In the aftermath of the earthquakes, our community gathered on our school grounds to seek safety. Our school building did not collapse due to the earthquakes, but was severely damaged and deemed unsafe by government engineers. Almost two months after the first earthquake, we resumed classes in tents as our school building was being demolished. Our old school had 32 classrooms and the ability to provide education to nearly 1000 students from Nursery to Grade 10. We are extremely grateful for the help from international friends and Rotary groups; who have so generously helped us to rebuild 12 pre-fabricated classrooms to get our students out of the tents and into classrooms. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient for our nearly 800 students. Of the 800 students, nearly 200 are on scholarship, because one of our core beliefs is to provide high quality education for all children in our community. We need your help for our school to rise again, and continue our tradition of education for our community.


Our School Damaged After the Earthquake

School devastation.jpgSchool 2.jpgSchool 3.jpg

Our School Being Demolished with Students Attending Class in Tents



Construction and Our New Classrooms

 Construction 1.jpgConstruction 2.jpg

Proposed New School Building…..

Proposed new building.jpg

Reasons for Necessity
1. Our current student numbers of 800, and with the projection of students in our community who need quality education, we need a total of 36 classrooms. Currently we only have 12.
2. We are unable to afford rebuilding our school with our own resources, partially because we use our extra money to provide education to underprivileged families in our community.
3. The cost of construction of a new building is not proportionate to our student fees, and our community’s financial ability to assist.
4. The government is not providing any financial assistance for reconstruction.
5. The symbolic nature of reconstruction will help our community realize that with time, our country and community will make it through the disaster and the associated trauma.
6. We have an inability to fully accommodate all of our students. We need quality classrooms for our students to continue their studies at the highest level.
7. We are non-profit school and any extra money we have, has already been committed for scholarships of underprivileged students.
8. We are a service oriented school committed to Rotary International. Our board members and advisor are Rotarians. Receiving assistance from individuals and Rotary groups creates a great example to our student about the importance service.
9. Currently, our students are in three different locations while we must pay rent on three different buildings. This is severely inhibiting our ability to give more assistance to underprivileged students. Furthermore, it makes managing and creating school unity very difficult
The scope of this reconstruction project is for a new building with 24 classrooms, a cafeteria and a hall.

Proposed Building

Room Needed Grade Levels Number of Rooms Needed:
Classrooms Pre-Primary Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten 3
Classrooms Primary 1-5 6
Classrooms Secondary 6-10 15
Hall (for music, art, dance, and teacher training) All 1
Cafeteria All 1
Total: 26

School Building Requirements and Cost
Total Estimated Cost of 24 Classrooms, 1 Hall and Cafeteria: $660,377 USD
Total Estimated Cost of One Room in the New Building: $25,400 USD
We realize that the cost of the building is very expensive for individuals or Rotary groups to assist with. Any little amount helps us reach our goals for reconstruction. Above, the calculation of one classroom in the new building is calculated. We would be so pleased if anyone can help build one room, and the name of the room will be in honor of the donor marked by a plaque outside the room.

The process of continuing high quality education for our community after devastation has been very challenging, financially, physically and emotionally. We want our school, community and country to rise again despite many factors hindering our progress. With you kind assistance, we can make our dreams a reality and continue providing high quality education to members of our community, including the underprivileged. We have a committed school which has been guided by Rotary and Rotarians for many years. In our time of need we request Rotary or individual assistance in the reconstruction process of a school and people’s lives.

Rotary Club of Dilli Bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Rtn. Lacche Bahadur K.C. (Chairman of Suryodaya Education Foundation)
Rtn. Prem Kumar Oli (Director of Suryodaya Education Foundation)
President Rtn. KagendraDhakal (Academic Advisor Suryodaya Education Foundation)

If you, your club, or your district would like to help in ANY aspect of this rebuilding project, please contact the RFPD headquarters and we will be glad to assist you by putting you in touch with our brothers in Nepal. Please find attached proposed solar, e-library, and water documents. 

Thank you for all you are doing by serving as a Rotarian!



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