Rotarians Implement Projects Addressing Reproductive Health

motherchild160px_28.jpgRotarians in more than 160 countries are motivated to alleviate human suffering through humanitarian projects. Reproductive health concerns, probably the most personal and arguably the most devasting, affect people in all countries, but especially those in the developing countries.

They include

  • Maternal mortality - approximately one each minute - 540,000 annually
  • Infant mortality
  • Teen-age pregnancy
  • Unintended pregnancy - all ages
  • Unsafe abortion
  • Assisted Childbirth
  • Obstetric Fistula
  • STD's Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Rotarians envision a healthier world in which health issues, especially in developing countries, are addressed. Rotarians for many years now have been implementings many humanaitarian projects.

Project ideas now encouraged and implemented are to

  • Promote education for adolescent girls
  • Advocate against child marriage to prevent obstectric fistula among others
  • Promote voluntary child spacing to improve women's health, reduce maternal and infant death
  • Promote HIV/AIDS counseling and education
  • Encourage decent income opportunities for women - vocational training and micro-credit
  • Refurbish and provide equipment for midwifery schools - especially rural villages
  • Involve young people, Interactors and Rotaractors in peer education, outreach and HIV/AIDS pevention programs


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